Süße Versuchung

Califax's concerns regarding Lela's plans for revenge were not entirely unjustified. Because when she wanted to set off on her journey to Baghdad, she learnt that her hopes had been crushed by the caliph's surprising decisions. In this MOSAIK, we find out how this affects Lela's plans, why the elephant Abul Abbas runs through an icy mountain stream and what Califax has to do with it.

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MOSAIK 579 - Abul-Alarm am Albula

While the Abrafaxe were preparing for their journey across the Alps one thousand miles to the north, Lela's injuries she had sustained when the market gate collapsed were hardly visible anymore. In this MOSAIK, we tell you why she incurs the wrath of little Fatima, why the elephant Abul Abbas becomes a winter sports enthusiast and why the Abrafaxe are thought to be brazen hay thieves.

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Two are better than one: MOSAIK 578 and Anna, Bella & Caramella 59

This month, you can once again look forward to two adventures from MOSAIK: the Abrafaxe are travelling to Aachen via Genoa with the elephant Abul Abbas, and Anna, Bella and Caramella have to deal with crooks and ghosts in faraway China. Hopefully you can already decide for yourself who will make the best impression - with the subscription issues in your mailbox! You can also collect the new issues from newsagents starting from the 31st of January! And if MOSAIK is not available in your local newsagent - just ask and request an order! That will help you and us too, of course!

Schatten über Genua

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Anna, Bella & Caramella 59
Gauner und Geister

€ 3,60

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Klein, drollig und voller Charme [...] Mosaik ist ein Stück Leben.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Angesichts der Omnipräsenz der elektronischen Medien in Kinderzimmern ist die Comiczeitschrift „MOSAIK“ ein liebenswerter Anachronismus. Und ein erfolgreicher dazu.“

Zeichnerisch weiterhin auf höchstem Niveau, ist das Heft ein gelungener Start für die Serie.