The hunt for Sinclair's treasure

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.shadow css classWhat we know of the world, is the stories the Dreamtime has told us. Since the days when the Great Rainbow Snake began to create our world, up to today's events what happened is kept in the Dreamtime. One of these stories we want to tell here. There you will meet strange beings - the pale noses. They are similar to us humans, but they came on large canoes from the other end of the world. They know little about what it's like on earth, and to watch them often fills our hearts with joy. And then there were the Abrafaxe ...

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Kenneth Sinclair

Kenneth Sinclair was an officer of the English navigator Matthew Flinders in its historical circumnavigation of Australia. He did not return to England, but remained in New South Wales. Rumors say that he had found a vein of gold and hid the treasure. His farm "Sinclair's Garden" has been bequeathed to his nephew Stuart Bingley after his death.

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Melissa Pipps

Melissa Pipps is the former housekeeper of Kenneth Sinclair and the only eyewitness who supposedly has seen the gold treasure with her own eyes. Allegedly Sinclair has rewarded her with a gold nugget and a picture for her services.

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Jane & Stuart Bingley

Jane and Bingley Stuart came from England to New South Wales. Here they inherited a small farm from Stuart's uncle Kenneth Sinclair - Sinclair's Garden - where they tried their hand in the breeding of merino sheep. Bingley came from the old aristocracy, but here, down-under, played peerage for most a minor role. Jane and her father weren't really bothered about that.

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Catherine & Langley Hancock

Catherine, Jane's older sister, however wasn't as indifferent about it. She did not like Australia and sheep even less so. Therefore, she did not have to think hard when the rich mine owner Langley Hancock proposed to her and fled from the hard work on "Sinclair's Garden". Since then she lived with her husband in a villa in Sydney.
Langley was very interested in the farm of her father, because there was copper found. He wanted to buy the land to build mines there. It annoyed him very much, that Stuart Bingley strictly refused to sell to him.

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Gregory Wigham

Gregory Wigham had come to Australia because he had not only lost his king's commission in his home country England, but was also wanted for card sharpening. In Sydney, he met mine owner Langley Hancock, who recognized Wigham's ruthlessness with an expert eye and hoped to win him as an employee for "special matters".

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Goodenberry & Malloy

Gregory Wigham and his cronies Goodenberry (right) and Malloy (left) have learned that the Abrafaxe are on a treasure hunt. However, the Wigham-gang is of the opinion that Sinclair's gold would be much better situated in their hands. And they have no compunction to do anything to make that be the end of it.

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Ludwig Leichhardt

Ludwig Leichhardt was a Prussian explorer who, after several successful expeditions, was the first European to cross the Australian continent. He started of at Brisbane on the east coast; two years later he hoped to arrive at Perth in the southwest.



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Klein, drollig und voller Charme [...] Mosaik ist ein Stück Leben.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Angesichts der Omnipräsenz der elektronischen Medien in Kinderzimmern ist die Comiczeitschrift „MOSAIK“ ein liebenswerter Anachronismus. Und ein erfolgreicher dazu.“

Zeichnerisch weiterhin auf höchstem Niveau, ist das Heft ein gelungener Start für die Serie.