MOSAIK Anthology 121


For the Circus Spontifex and its friends, the journey to Rome had by no means turned out to be what everyone had been hoping for. A performance in the Flavian Amphitheatre was all along the longed-for goal of the lengthy odyssey, at least for Spontifex and his troupe. But the fact that this performance would be a hopeless battle against wild animals did not correspond with their lofty dreams. The Abrafaxe apparently had nothing left to oppose Aulus - or perhaps they did?!
Furthermore, the Abrafaxe leave the Eternal City for the beautiful province of Mansfeld. In this anthology, you will find out how this came to be and to which extent a fish symbol is not entirely without blame.

Of course, there is also an extensive editorial appendix in this volume - with the following topics:
  • Die Mission des Titus Julius Prudentio – oder: Die Pläne der Konsuln
  • Das Kolosseum
  • Eine Bildergeschichte aus dem alten Rom
  • Titelskizzen
  • Neue Zeiten, neue Helden
Our anthology-subscribers are certainly already looking forward to the arrival of our Abrafaxe in Rome. The subscription volumes have already been sent out and should reach you soon, if they haven't already arrived.

Have fun reading and discovering!

MOSAIK Anthology 121 Softcover
Von Rom nach Mansfeld

Issues 481–484 (January to April 2016)
Softcover, thread-binding
160 pages in colour
16,5 x 23,5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-86462-225-0
Order-Nr.: 3050
€ 14,95

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MOSAIK Anthology 121 Hardcover
Von Rom nach Mansfeld

Limited to 666 copies.
In addition, each anthology contains a numbered print signed by Andreas Pasda.

Issues 481–484 (January to April 2016)
Hardcover, thread-binding
160 pages in colour
17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-3-86462-226-7
Order-Nr.: 3051
€ 35,00

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Trickery can often fell the most cunning enemy

The grand vizier was extremely unhappy. He did not like the thought of having to conduct negotiations with someone like Quecksilber-Ali. Who soon causes him even more grief, with which surprising idea Brabax relieves the Grand Vizier of some of his worries and in which delicate diplomatic mission Mr. Lantfrid gets entangled, we will tell in this MOSAIK.

Scharfes Schwert in falschen Händen

52 pages
€ 3,45

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MOSAIK Anna, Bella & Caramella 52

Start your engines!

After fleeing from Mexico, Anna, Bella and Caramella came to California. The world's first air race, in which only female pilots are allowed to take part, is just about to start at Santa Monica airport. The Annabellas definitely don't want to miss it!

MOSAIK Anna, Bella & Caramella 52
Das Puderquastenrennen

52 pages
€ 3,60

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Klein, drollig und voller Charme [...] Mosaik ist ein Stück Leben.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Angesichts der Omnipräsenz der elektronischen Medien in Kinderzimmern ist die Comiczeitschrift „MOSAIK“ ein liebenswerter Anachronismus. Und ein erfolgreicher dazu.“

Zeichnerisch weiterhin auf höchstem Niveau, ist das Heft ein gelungener Start für die Serie.