Massimiliano Narciso

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In the "far-off" year of 1975, the three Abrafaxe were born in Germany. In the same year, Massimiliano Narciso was born in "far-off" Italy. The story is short but complicated: First, he gained a degree in technical drawing. He then attended Disney’s school for artists in Milan and took courses in directing cartoon films. As an entertainer, he was kept busy publicising several shows for places like theatres, amongst others. With his passion for dressing like someone from the Middle-Ages or the Wild West, he enjoyed this very much. He is a great guitar player, a passable soccer player and a good eater – these days he works as an artist. How is this possible? Nobody knows, though his mother (now a pensioner) asks every day about what kind of work he is doing, after all she did finance his expensive education.

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Klein, drollig und voller Charme [...] Mosaik ist ein Stück Leben.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Angesichts der Omnipräsenz der elektronischen Medien in Kinderzimmern ist die Comiczeitschrift „MOSAIK“ ein liebenswerter Anachronismus. Und ein erfolgreicher dazu.“

Zeichnerisch weiterhin auf höchstem Niveau, ist das Heft ein gelungener Start für die Serie.