The crew


Matthew Flinders

.shadow css classMatthew Flinders wants to go down in history as an explorer – like his role model James Cook. This is all his life is about. When he was still young, William Bligh, the legendary captain of the "Bounty", trained him in the field of navigation. Flinders made his first explorations when he was only 17. At the age of 25, his dream became true: he became commander of the three-master "Investigator" and now has just started his voyage to coasts no one has ever seen before him ... well, at least no European.



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John Thistle

John Thistle is the "Investigator"’s navigator. He is the most popular mate on board since he is clever and charming. However, his charm soon will turn out to be his fate when the daughter of the governor of New South Wales will fall in love with him.




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Hugh Bell

Hugh Bell is a skilled surgeon. For more than 20 years he has been on route across the oceans engaged by the English king to take care of sick or harmed sailors. The only disease he couldn’t cure until now is sea sickness. His word as well counts on the "Investigator". He is the only one who might be able to argue Commander Flinders out of a plan.


Denis Lacy

.shadow css classLieutenant Lacy is the only senior mate next to the surgeon. Due to his experience the "Investigator" managed to weather each storm. Among the sailors, he is said to be severe but fair. He won’t badmouth Sublieutenant Sinclair. And it’s no one else’s business what he thinks about him.



Robert Colpits (Cannon-Bob)

.shadow css classHardly anyone knows the name Robert Colpits. Cannon-Bob himself has probably forgotten it for he is a dedicated gunner. He even dreams of powder mixtures, and whenever he’s sad, he snuggles up to his favorite cannonball which he hides in his hammock. The "Investigator"’s journey, however, doesn’t offer much occasions to show his virtuosity at the fuse. This sometimes makes him sad – but he always finds a way.



Ferdinand Bauer

.shadow css classFerdinand Bauer is not German but Austrian – and a painter. For this reason he has been hired. His job is to document the observations during the expedition. Cameras were not yet invented back then.



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Robert Brown

Robert Brown is not only a sophisticated man, but also a natural scientist. This is why he joins Flinders’ expedition. The tiniest butterfly is able to inspire him, and he forgets things around him when he discovers a new kind of dry grass. This feature has sometimes almost spoilt the expedition.




John Franklin

.shadow css classJohnny is the youngest crew member. He thinks life is just a great adventure and is sure that one day, he will also be captain of a proud ship. Until then, he still has to learn a lot, and where else than on a journey to the end of the world could he do this? Besides, his uncle is the commander of this expedition.



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Nathaniel Wright (Nat)

Nathaniel Wright, or "Nat" as he is called, has not yet reached the age of 20, but has been at sea for seven years. He would do nothing without consulting his best friend Will before. He’s undemanding, and doesn’t even lament the skills of the ship’s cook.



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Kenneth Sinclair

Sublieutenant Kenneth Sinclair is on his first trip as mate. He has learned quite much on the naval academy and wants to show this. This annoys not only the sailors, but also the senior mates, such as Lieutenant Lacy since the rules at sea actually differ from those at the academy. On top of that, Sinclair suffers from sea sickness, thus, things aren’t easy for him.



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Williams (Fliege)

The most important man on a ship is the captain. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of the ship’s cook because no ship will reach its destination if the sailors mutiny since they dislike the cook’s dishes. The "Investigator" has managed to avoid this pitfall so far, sometimes it was close, though. Not until Califax joins the crew, Williams, who is cagey about his first name, starts to do his very best. And isn’t competition good for business?



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Jeremia Frog (navigator)

Jeremia Frog seems to be in Port Jackson by chance when Matthew Flinders needs a new navigator. In a contest among several applicants he manages to win against the Abrafaxe and gets the job while the former navigator John Thistle is arrested in Port Jackson.



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King Bungaree

King Bungaree is an Aboriginee, a native Australian. He has chummed up with the Englishmen and tries to comprehend how they live and what they believe in. By chance, he ends up on the "Investigator" and thus will become the first Aboriginee to circumnavigate his home country.



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Russel Mart (Woody)

Russel Mart is husky. He has proven his strength several times when he lifted the "Investigator’s" sloop all on his own. None of his comrades would dare to mess with him. But there is actually no reason to do so. "Woody", as Mr. Mart is called by his fellow sailors, is as sweet-tempered as he is strong.



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William Grindal (Will)

In contrast to his buddy Nat, Will is quite quarrelsome. Since he is neither tall nor strong, he often gets himself into trouble out of which his friend Nat has to rescue him.



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Benjamin Morgan (Buddel-Ben)

Benjamin’s nickname "Buddel-Ben" is due to love, more precisely to Lizzy who is waiting for Ben at some harbor in the world. Unfortunately, he has forgotten which harbor it was for he was dead drunk when his ship was outward bound. Now he hopes he remembers it if he is just drunk enough. His plan has not worked out until now, but Buddel-Ben won’t give up hope.



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Jack Hopkins (Stinky)

Some people think "Stinky" got his name from the fact that he regards it sissyish to wash himself more often than once in a month. Others say his name evolves from his brawlsome character. Looking closely and honestly at him, both theories will turn out to be right.


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The most important crew member is a black tomcat with white paws named Trim. As long as he is on board, the "Investigator" will reach any destination. This is at least what his best friend is convinced of – who is no one less than Commander Flinders. Fortuna as well seems to be well-disposed to Trim – he fell into the roaring sea several times, but always managed to climb back on ship.



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Klein, drollig und voller Charme [...] Mosaik ist ein Stück Leben.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Angesichts der Omnipräsenz der elektronischen Medien in Kinderzimmern ist die Comiczeitschrift „MOSAIK“ ein liebenswerter Anachronismus. Und ein erfolgreicher dazu.“

Zeichnerisch weiterhin auf höchstem Niveau, ist das Heft ein gelungener Start für die Serie.